Gymnastics Competition Prep Class

Competition Prep Classes

Does your child love gymnastics? Do they have a competitive spirit?!

These once a week classes will incorporate the same skills that are taught in class and them together into routines.
Gymnasts will have an in-house competition at Impact where they will compete against other athletes in their class and age groups.
Tuition is $75/month for one hour class & $100/month for one hour and a half class.


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Pre-Level 1 6:00-7:00 12:30-1:30
Level 1 5:30-6:30 4:30-5:30  9:30-10:30
Level 2 4:30-6:00 6:30-8:00
Level 3 6:30-8:00
Level 4/5 6:30-8:00