TNT Results



2017 TNT TEAM:
Alyssa Fisher, Madelyn Hughes, Elle Page, Hannah Kemp, Rebekah McCain.

-Alyssa Fisher: Floor: 8th in flight; National 28th place overall
Double-Mini: 2nd place in flight; National 5th place overall
Trampoline: 1st in flight; National 5th place overall

-Elle Page: 6th over all on Double Mini

-Alyssa Fisher: Tumbling- 1st in flight, 1st overall Double Mini-2nd in flight, 9th overall Trampoline-4th in flight, 16th overall
-Rebekah McCain: Tumbling- 2nd in flight, 7th overall Double Mini-1st in flight, 1st overall Trampoline- 3rd in flight, 3rd overall
-Hannah Kemp: Double Mini- 5th in flight Trampoline- 3rd in flight, 3rd overall
-Elle Page: Double Mini: 2nd in flight Tumbling: 2nd in flight
-Madison Hughes: Double Mini-4th in flight Tumbling- 5th in flight


-Alyssa Fisher: Double-mini – 3rd in flight, 4th overall Trampoline – 2nd in flight, 5th overall Floor/Tumble – 5th in flight Qualified for Nationals for ALL 3 events
-Madelyn Hughes: Tumbling- 2nd in flight, 8th overall Qualified to Nationals on tumbling and trampoline
-Rebekah McCain: Trampoline- 1st Double Mini- 3rd Tumbling-5th
-Elle Page: Trampoline- 2nd tramp Double Mini- 7th double mini  Qualified for Nationals on ALL 3 events

-Rebecca McCain: 2nd double mini
-Hannah Kemp: 5th tumbling, 6th trampoline
-Elle Page:1st trampoline, 1st double mini
-Madelyn Hughes: 1st tumbling, 2nd double mini, 3rd trampoline
-Alyssa Fisher: 1st double mini, 3rd trampoline, 3rd tumbling

-Alyssa Fisher (Level 5) 1st place on a double mini, 2nd on trampoline and 3rd on tumbling
-Elle Page (level 5) 1st place on tumbling, 3rd on trampoline and 2nd on double mini
-Hannah Kemp 4th on double mini, 5th on trampoline and 5th on tumbling
-Rebekah McCain 1st on Double Mini with a 58.2, 3rd on trampoline and 6th in tumbling

-Alyssa Fisher 1st on double mini, 3rd on trampoline and 5th on floor


CONGRATS to all five of our Level 5 power tumblers for qualifying to the 2016 National Championships!

January 21-23, 2016 Dallas Cup
Alyssa Fisher – 5th tumbling, 7th double mini16266244_734818790011794_2433183212025669785_n
Karter Kelly – 5th trampoline, 7th tumbling, 6th double mini
Hannah Kemp – 2nd trampoline, 7th double mini, 5th tumbling
Landon Lee – 2nd in flight and 2nd overall trampoline and tumbling, 1st in flight and 1st overall double mini
Brenna Saenz – 8th trampoline, 3rd tumbling, 1st double mini
Mckenzie Sanders- 2nd trampoline, 2nd double mini, 6th tumbling

February 20-21, 2016 Trevino’s
Karter Kelley – 3rd double mini
Hannah Kemp – 1st trampoline
Landon Lee – 1st in flight tumbling

February 27-28, 2016 Dare to Soar Invitationalft. worth tumbling
Alyssa Fisher – 4th tumbling, 5th trampoline
Karter Kelley – 2nd trampoline, 6th tumbling, 6th double mini
Hannah Kemp – 3rd trampoline, 8th double mini, 9th tumbling
Brenna Saenz – 1st tumbling, 5th double mini, 5th trampoline
Mckenzie Sanders – 2nd trampoline, 3rd double mini, 5th tumbling

April 8-10, 2016 State
Alyssa Fisher – 5th trampoline, 7th tumbling
Karter Kelley – 5th tumbling
Hannah Kemp – 5th trampoline, 6th double mini
Landen Lee – 1st trampoline, 1st tumbling, 1st double mini
Mckenzie Sanders – 3rd trampoline, 3rd tumbling, 7th double mini16387087_734827040010969_7142040942528059951_n (1)

April 29-May 1, 2016 Regionals
Alyssa Fisher – 4th double mini, 5th trampoline, 8th tumbling
Karter Kelley – 3rd trampoline, 4th double mini, 4th tumbling
Hannah Kemp – 4th floor, 5th trampoline, 6th double mini
Landen Lee – REGIONAL CHAMPION double mini, 2nd overall trampoline, 2nd overall tumbling
Mckenzie Sanders – 2nd double mini, 4th trampoline, 5th tumbling

July 21-24, 2016 U.S. Championships
Alyssa Fisher – 4th double mini, 7th tumbling, 8th trampoline
Karter Kelley – 5th tumbling, 7th trampoline, 9th double miniFt. Worth tumbling
Mckenzie Sanders – 3rd trampoline in flight and 10th overall, 7th double mini, 8th Tumbling